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Webinar with Professor Gary Oetzel

Why ketosis measurement is one of the most financially beneficial things that dairy farms can do

Professor Gary Oetzel (Veterinarian and Advisor)

University of Wisconsin,

School of veterinary medicine

How important is it to detect, treat and prevent ketosis? See the webinar for answers!


In this webinar, Gary highlights the many major economic benefits of ketosis measurement.

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PortaBHB ketone test

Would you and your staff like to be trained in ketosis measurement?

For users of Agricam’s KetosKoll, farm-adapted training and several training films are included:

• Recommended test strategy for ketosis measurement

• Why do cows get ketosis and how can you prevent it?

• Tips on how you can design the close-up feed ration to reduce the risk of ketosis (* the three weeks before calving)

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