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Keep track of the energy balance

With KetosKoll™ from Agricam

Avoid ketosis and get improved fertility, healthier cows and increased milk supply!
With Agricams KetosKoll you get:
✓ Farm-adapted sampling and treatment strategy against ketosis.
✓ The KetosKoll app - a decision support - your measured values collected for you, advisor and veterinarian.
✓ To-do list - day by day, gives you an overview of samples and treatments.
✓ Recommended measures, advice and follow-up.
✓ The most effective treatment products.
✓ Meters, dipsticks & lancets.

Räkna ut hur mycket du riskerar att tappa



Start testing by taking milk and / or blood samples with Agricams KetosKoll equipment


Follow the recommended actions directly in the app (Glycerol and Bovikalc)


Enjoy having cows that both feel and produce better!


When test results are available from several cows, there is a basis for working preventively

We have almost no displaced abomasum anymore!

- Anna Eriksson, Rogsta farm

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