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Kerstin and Ivar Bengtsson at Rårödsgården were early to test the innovative solution Bacticam .
They highlight early test results, but also the opportunity to chat with a strategy veterinarian at Agricam, as the best thing about the product. 

ESLÖV  It was in 1987 that the moving load went to Skåne for Ivar and Kerstin Bengtsson. Until then, they had run a dairy farm in Västergötland and took the cows with them to Rårödsgården in Stehag, Eslöv municipality. 

The business has grown over the years, both in terms of buildings and production. They currently have 250 cows and two employees, in addition to themselves. 


Kerstin and Ivar Bengtsson brought their cows from Västergötland with them when they bought the farm in Eslöv.

Kerstin has the main responsibility in the barn, while Ivar takes care of the feed state.

They attach great importance to keeping the cows healthy. Rårödsgården has been customers of Agricam since 2019 and then acquired Bacticam , which gave them the opportunity to take milk samples and grow directly on the farm, something they have been looking for for some time. 


Now we do not hesitate, if there is something we suspect, just put a sample

Now they are run in on the tool. And they like it. 
- Bacticam works well. You get an answer in a short time and can make a decision about possible treatment, says Kerstin.
When we visit the farm, last weekend they sent in a sample for analysis via the Bacticam station and received a response in nine hours. The cow tested positive for E-coli.
- It allows you to act quickly, Ivar states.

Bacticam is, Kerstin thinks, easy to use. 
- It may have taken a while in the beginning, but now it is in the spinal cord.
- Now we do not hesitate, if there is something we suspect, it is just to put a test, Ivar interjects.


The farm has a camera system, so Kerstin and Ivar can keep track of the barn even when they are not there.

They see a great value in being able to see how the cows feel over time, to have a history to look back on. 
Ivar and Kerstin have a good collaboration with their farm veterinarian, but also appreciate being able to chat with Sofia Gunnarsson, strategy veterinarian at Agricam. 
- She should have a praise, she is very good to play ball with, says Kerstin. 

Another thing they have invested in is a well-developed monitoring system, which gives them control over every corner of the barn and also the pasture. They can follow everything that happens via computer or mobile phone. Above all, it provides security. 
- This means that we can avoid the night round. We know that nothing happened, that the calving box is empty and so on, Kerstin explains.
Then, they admit, it is difficult not to check even when they are free.

The generational change is also something they have started to think about. 
- We are starting to get closer, says Ivar.
The daughter Caroline already works in the company and wants to take over the farm one day, so the hope is that this can become a reality.


Rårödsgården has mostly red cows.