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Give the cows the best start after calving with our app-based ketosis meter.


With our new planning tool, you can replace the whiteboard with an app.

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Take a milk sample, cultivate directly on the farm and get an answer within 24 hours of finishing cultivation.

Streamlined animal health work

You face a lot of challenges on a farm. In order for the production to work smoothly there are a lot of things to consider, not least the animal welfare. If the cows are doing well they produce better and the farmer gets an increased milk profit. That is a few reasons why it is important to work preventively with the animal health.

We like to regard the herd health as a pyramid. The foundation is built by healthy calves, a good nutritional balance and healthy hooves. Once the basic health needs are fulfilled you are able to achieve a good udder health and fertility in the herd. At the top of the pyramid you achieve a healthy production and economy.


Herd health from a holistic perspective

Our products and services provide a holistic approach to herd health management, divided into three categories: sensors, strategic veterinary consultation and cow care. The sensors identify deviations in the production, the strategic veterinary consultation provide you with concrete actions based on the collected data as well as long-term action plans. In the action plans the cow care products play a major role - they prevent diseases.

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Actions tailor-made for your farm

In order for this way of working to fit in the everyday life of the farmer we are always present. We evaluate what will work for you, we make sure everything in the daily operation works as it should, we analyze the results and implement the right measures. You will not be doing anything that is unnecessary, every action will have a clear purpose and result.

Why Agricam?


”The cell count decreases, and with that the milk yield increases”

Eva Olsson, Bergs Säteri

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