Hanna Johansson, mjölkbonde på Opensten Bondgård i Västra Götaland.

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Hanna Johansson has a good animal eye - something that is required when you are responsible for 250 cows. She has Agricam's tools to help her Ketoskoll , an aid in preventive animal health work.

LIMMARED Opensten farmhouse is idyllically located, in a hilly landscape outside Limmared in Västra Götaland. Fredrik Larsson and Hanna Johansson live and work here. They are the third generation. Fredrik and Hanna have taken over from his parents, who, however, are still involved in the business.

Hanna is responsible for milk production. The farm has 250 yearlings. They grow plants for their own production, have grain, corn and hay on their land. In addition to themselves, four people work on the farm.

Ketoskoll används på Opensten bondgård

Hanna thinks that Ketoskoll, among other things, helps her keep track of the feed state.

Hanna comes, just like her partner, from a farming family, is "born in the barn", as she puts it. She knows her cows, always wants to keep track of them.
- I personally believe that I have a good animal eye and I use that.

The farm uses Ketoskoll from Agricam , something that gives extra help to adjust how the cows are doing. She tested for milk in the beginning, now she takes blood samples, which she thinks are more reliable.
- Ketoskoll is a help to find the individual cows, those that are a bit "quiet", especially the first calves.
  It is not always visible to the naked eye that a cow is a little too low in energy level, she points out.


It is not always visible to the naked eye that a cow is a little too low in energy level

In that case, she points out, it is extremely important to catch this early in order to be able to take action.
- If you can implement measures quickly, it will be of great help during the entire lactation.
She could definitely recommend Ketoskoll to a colleague.
- It is a good way to see how the herd is in energy level, in addition to finding the cows that have ketosis.

Korna på Opensten bondgård mjölkas i grop.

Opensten replaced the robots with a pit a few years ago.

Nowadays the cows are milked in a pit (12 fish bones). It was, according to her, a lift with the pit, compared to the robots used until the end of 2018.
- We think it is a more flexible system and not as sensitive with a pit as a robot. Among other things, it is easier to make a feed state where you do not have to take so much into account to keep the cows alert and alert so that they will want to go to the robot. Now we pick them up twice a day and know that everyone comes for milking


I like to keep track of the animals, want to see them every day.

They also experience that it has become calmer in the barn. In addition, she thinks that the pit has made them feel more free. When they have milked, it is ready until it is time again the next day.
- We avoid the constant inner stress of knowing that the robots can sound the alarm at any time and that it rolls 24/7. When you go to bed in the evening, you know that the cows are milked and no alarm is ringing and waking up.

When it comes to new technology, she sees many advantages, but at the same time believes that you can not completely rely on it.
-It can make everyday life easier, but I like to keep track of the animals, I want to see them every day.

According to her, the job as a dairy farmer is very varied. The big challenge is to improve and see new opportunities.
- It is always possible to develop, there is always something to work with.


Hanna works a lot with animal health and believes that this is an area that must always be prioritized.

Animal health is something that is constantly in Hanna's thoughts.
- It is not possible to let go of it, you must always follow the routines.
What she experiences as the biggest cloud of unrest as a dairy farmer is the drought. It has been several summers with long dry periods and 2021 has been no different.
- It is a problem that seems to be becoming more common and I can feel great concern about whether we will be able to produce food for our cows.

It has worked out so far. Opensten has some land next to a river, from which it was possible to take water.
- This was not something you needed to think about before.

Hanna believes that in the future it will be necessary to find more drought-resistant crops, varieties that to a greater extent can withstand drought and heat better. It may also be relevant to create more irrigation systems. At the same time, she points out, it is impossible to know what will happen in the future.
- All of a sudden we might have very wet summers instead.

Korna har ett fint landskap att beta i, med möjlighet till skugga.

The cows graze in a beautiful landscape and also have the opportunity to find shade on sunny days.