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Digitizing agriculture to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Agricam offers analytical services and products to improve the animal health, increase the production and to reduce the use of antibiotics at dairy farms. The products and services Agricam offer are sorted into three categories: strategic veterinary service, sensors and cow care. They complement each other and create a holistic approach to animal health in order to create long-term results, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Our story

The company was founded by Ellinor Eineren in 2010 after writing her master thesis at Linköping University, combining the competence of the two companies Termisk Systemteknik (thermal camera knowledge) and Biototal (agriculture). Ellinor was meant to create a business plan using the technique and ideas of the two companies. Suddenly Agricam was created!

Over the years the company has grown. From being a small company developing a patented thermal camera system, we now offer several products and services, adapted to the hectic life of dairy farmers.

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The team

Ellinor Eineren

CEO & Sales

Ulf Stern

Product strategy

Martin Johansson


Kristine Furberg


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