Calculate the cost of ketosis

By preventing ketosis, there are huge cost savings to be made. How big - we will help you find out. Reduced milk supply, sequelae and fertility problems are all costs associated with ketosis.


One of the major economically beneficial things that dairy farms can do is spend time first on preventing ketosis and then early detection and treatment.

Professor Gary Oetzel University of Wisconsin

This is how we did the calculation:

We assume an incidence of 30% subclinical ketosis and 5% clinical ketosis. Read here about how common ketosis is in newly calved cows in Europe:

Research shows the following costs:

  • Clinical ketosis = SEK 7,000 per case

  • Subclinical ketosis = SEK 1,500 per case

That's how easy it is to keep track of your energy balance

We make your animal health work more efficient and profitable - regardless of whether you are a farmer or a veterinarian. With our effective tools, you get an overview of a very important part of the nutritional balance in the herd. Avoid ketosis and get improved fertility, healthier cows and increased milk supply!