Career at Agricam

Our culture


We are a small team that aim to help dairy farmers run their business more successfully. In order to succeed with our mission, we combine our various competences when we develop new products and services. Among our team you find expertise in software and hardware, veterinary science, machine learning and communications. We believe that the strongest teams consists of employees with different areas of expertise. That way we can look at one problem from different points of views! All our employees are therefore very important and have a major impact on the company's future.

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Towards a profitable and sustainable agriculture

We are driven by combining veterinary expertise with technology to help the farmer run a successful business, including a sustainable production and long-term results. We strive to constantly innovate and develop our products and services to offer the best solution possible. Preventive animal health care is the core of our business. With healthy animals the farmer is able to run the farm successfully without unnecessary disruptions and antibiotic treatments that are costly, not only to the farmer, but also the planet we are living on.

Our values


To constantly develop our teamwork is important. We have different skills, therefore we often talk to each other about our challenges to gain new perspectives. We are prestigeless and value that we can be honest to each other and say what we think.

Flat organization

We have put all hierarchies aside to work as a team, all of us. This means we help each other when needed, even if it involves cook coffee at an event as a software developer. With this approach we create a workplace that is welcoming and equal for all.

We take ownership

All of us take ownership at work and carry out what we have promised. That way we can trust each other. It also makes us effective at work - everyone feel they matter and wants the company to continue grow.


We value our employees' health and work-life balance. Do you work best in the morning or do you want to work out at the gym in the morning? Both works for us. No matter what, we do not wear ourselves out and we do not work overtime on routine. It is important for us to be able to perform well today as well as for many years to come.

Available positions