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Martin Lindeqvist thinks it is important to adopt new technology. Especially considering that you have to take care of more and more cows per employee. At Torsjö farm, both Bacticam and KetosKoll are used .

Marine Lindeqvist, mjölkbonde och driftansvarig på Torsjö gård i Småland.

Martin Lindeqvist, co-owner and operations manager at Torsjö farm.

INGELSTAD The farm is beautifully situated, a magnificent avenue leads between the swaying cornfields up to the large, yellow dwelling house. Just below, Torsjön expands.
We are in the barn. Martin Lindeqvist charges the coffee maker and at the same time tells about the company Ingelstad Agri AB, which he owns together with Magnus and Christer Carlman. He takes care of Torsjö himself with 260 yearlings.

- We have had the lease since 2016 and bought equipment and cows ourselves. We also run Orraryd, which is its own company, but where my colleague Magnus is responsible for milk production, he says.


It's tough to be a cow today, because we demand so much of them

However, it is Martin who holds all plant cultivation in both companies, a total of 850 hectares. When the company started in 2015, they initially leased the nature management high school in the area.

He himself became interested in agriculture through his grandmother and grandfather, who ran a farm. However, he began his career as a plant consultant at Hushållningssällskapet. In 1996, he started working for his current partners.


In addition to milk production, Ingelstad Agri AB is also engaged in young animal breeding and plant cultivation.  Horse feed production is a third leg.


It is a good tool for reading how well I am doing with the feed state

Today, the milk production on the farm is 12,300 kg ECM, a good figure.
- We are good at feed, that is one of the explanations. Then there is the high genetic standard of the cows.


When it comes to the feed piece, KetosKoll from Agricam is a help in the work.
- It is a good tool for reading how good I am with the feed state, especially in connection with calving, which is a very important period. It also provides a measure of how successful one is during the time of sin.

Mjölkkorna på Torsjå gård blir utfodrade.

Foderstaten is something you work with a lot on Torsjö farm.

According to Martin, as a farmer you must constantly strive to improve and optimize your production. Then it is important, among other things, to adopt new technology.
- It is a must because we are constantly moving towards being forced to take care of more cows per employee.


Animal health is, he points out, extremely important for production.
- It is always important to reduce the recruitment of cows, to make the cows live longer and milk more in a cost-effective way.

As a dairy farmer today, it is not possible to turn a blind eye to new technology, says Martin.


Most of our employees come from high school from the beginning

All employees have soon completed their ViLA course. Johan Waldner, strategy veterinarian at Agricam, is in charge of the training. Martin emphasizes that the staff is constantly becoming more well-trained and he calls for a little freer reins out in the yards than the tight reins that are today.
- We have such great competence in our animal keepers today, who are interested and want to further their education. It's a shame not to be able to use it more.
- We are a bit tied back as it is today. I am convinced that there are certain veterinary steps that we would be able to handle ourselves, after some training. It had certainly increased the interest of young people to apply for animal keepers.

Ingelstad Använder Ketoskoll

Ketoskoll and Bacticam can, according to Martin, help raise the status of the veterinary profession.

Ingelstad Agri AB has five employees. The collaboration with the high school does not provide a significant financial gain, but with another advantage.
- The big challenge for many agricultural entrepreneurs today is to get a good workforce. So there we sit with a trump card in hand, which gets in touch with interested young people. Most of our employees come from high school from the beginning.

Martin would like to expand the barn, create more stable comfort, get more air and better floors and more square per cow. However, it is about large investments, but it is still something you look at in the company.

Martin Lindeqvist, driftansvarig, menar att man som mjölkbonde måste anamma ny teknik.

Animal health is important for Martin, who constantly strives to make it as good for the cows as possible, which also provides the conditions for high production.
- It's tough to be a cow today, because we demand so much of them. If we take care of them, they will take care of us, I usually say.

It was the vet who made him open his eyes to Bacticam . It was the efficiency of this tool that appealed to him.
- I get a shorter time from the milk test until I get an answer. It can be absolutely crucial if you can take action quickly.