Everything in one place - always available to everyone

Farmsystem from Agricam makes the planning of the work on the farm so much easier

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✔ Planning and scheduling tools


✔ All activities in one place:

    See daily routines & events


✔ Simple reporting of deviations:

     Animals and equipment


✔ Facilitates communication between

    all parties on the farm


  Prioritization - Delegation

Farmsystem: A whiteboard that fits in your pocket

Today, much of the planning takes place on a farm via a traditional whiteboard. Through our app, you get significantly greater flexibility - and control.

You can make quick updates, which all parties on the farm see in their mobile phone.

You can see when tasks are performed, as they are ticked in a to-do list. And you do not even have to be in place.

These are the benefits:

  • Ensures that the business achieves its results, that all activities and deviations are handled.

  • You use your resources more efficiently and save time, because everyone on the farm always knows what to do.

  • Through clear maintenance routines, you reduce service costs on vehicles and machines and can prevent costly downtime.

  • Even when you are not there, you can follow the work on the farm and quickly make any re-prioritisations.

  • Animal health, as both routine observations about the animals are entered into the system and reduce the risk of treatments and other measures being forgotten.

  • Facilitates the introduction of new staff, even non-Swedish speakers.


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