Cilla Engström Färanäs

Kombinera ViLA med Bacticam = ett vinnande koncept på Färanäs gård

In Färanäs outside Vislanda, Cilla and Tore Engström run an organic milk production.
The farm switched to organic in 2006 and their more than 70 yearlings are milked in a robot.


In February 2020, the first prototype of Bacticam was installed on the farm. We spoke to Cilla to hear about her expectations and how she plans to use Bacticam.

Cilla Engström Färanäs

Cilla together with one of her cows at Färanäs Gård.

Why did you choose to drive?  Bacticam?

- We are always interested in testing news when you see that you can benefit from it. We are not afraid to try. Because I have previously paddled and taken many milk samples like me  sent directly to SVA, this felt perfect to have control over what kind of bacterial flora in the herd.


Are you going to use Bacticam for something specific?

- I want to discover Staff. aureus so that they can eventually be thinned out. I also want to take samples before I seminate the cows and  before admission.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of Bacticam?

- Above all, I think it will go faster as I can do everything myself. I hope to be able to get a better routine where I grow a little all the time. It has previously been that I have taken milk samples less often and collected them. It easily becomes many animals at once and then it takes a while.  


- The biggest advantage is that the mail is skipped as I can grow the sample myself immediately.  I can get faster results on acute mastitis. As it is now, I can treat the cow on Friday and at best I get the test on Sunday night. Many times I have time to do the whole treatment before I get the result on the culture.

"The biggest advantage is that the mail is skipped as I can grow the milk sample myself immediately."

- Since we are a ViLA farm, I have to take a sample to treat with penicillin and with Bacticam I can do it myself without having to send in the sample!