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EU funding

Ongoing EU projects

Advanced Thermal Imaging System in Dairy Cows

SMEs instrument, Horizon 2020

Received Seal of Excellence.

Ongoing EIP projects

Bacticam - optical bacterial classifier

In collaboration with Distriktsveterinärerna and the National Veterinary Institute we develop an optical bacterial classifier. The classifier scan Petri dishes and identify bacteria culture in real time with the same reliability as a laboratory.


The aim of the project is to reduce costs for cultivation and analysis of bacteria culture for dairy farmers and veterinarians, increase the accuracy of bacterial identification as well as reduce the response time for the analysis.


Finished EIP projects


Non-contact fever detection for safe and efficient animal care

The ambition of the project was to develop a non-contact fever detector for livestock, that measures the surface temperature of the cornea using thermal cameras. The purpose of the innovation is to facilitate animal care, minimize production losses and increase the efficiency of both dairy and pig producers' businesses. The aim was also a fixed system solution for continuous fever measurement where the animals pass the same camera station (eg dairy cows) and a handheld system solution for meat animals, pigs and horses where the heat camera communicates interactively and in real time with a server (eg cloud solution to store directly data on the animal).