You are one step closer to the animal health of the future

We make your animal health work more efficient and profitable - regardless of whether you are a farmer or a veterinarian.

With our patented solutions, we give you the conditions for efficiency, increased production and better profitability.

Our products

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Give the cows the best start after calving with our app-based ketosis meter.


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With our new planning tool, you can replace the whiteboard with an app.

Take a milk sample, cultivate directly on the farm and get an answer within 24 hours of finishing cultivation.

Hence our solutions


  • Improves and facilitates collaboration between veterinarians and farmers through shared data.

  • Increases the profitability of the farmer and the veterinarian.

  • Strengthens animal health and reduces the use of antibiotics.

"It can be absolutely crucial if you can take action quickly"

Martin Lindeqvist on Bacticam


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